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Korea Drama Tour

The most famous Korean TV Drama tours are all here.
Let's explore all filming sites with our suggested tour program.


  • Gangneung Romantic Tour

    People already know other seas at various province in Korea such as Busan, Jeju, Geoje, Sokcho, Incheon, and more. But you will see differentiated view and mood of the sea in Gangr...



  • Gangneung Forigner’s Taxi Tour : Gangneung where it all begins!

    Olympic City / Coffee City / Historical Culture City where you can explore new trend of Korea tour destination!



  • 2019 Incheon (INK) KPOP Concert (12th OCT)

    - Meet your favorite K-pop stars at Incheon Munhak stadium in Incheon. The INK Kpop concert, Korea's biggest and most excited concert held October! - Enjoy real local vibe at the...



  • Music Bank Speical in Gangneung

    What do you expect in Korea? All you expect in Korea in one day! Meeting your dream Kpop star on the most famous concert stage, Music bank! Taking awesome pictures for Instagram an...



  • 2019 Yanggu DMZ Art Festa

    Let's go to Hongcheon and take Sky Swing! It will make you feel like you are flying! It's not the end yet! We will take a gondola to uphill for amazing sightseeing point. don't fo...

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  • Back to the Future with STARS (K-POP Concert)

    What if bicycles are used as electricity, cars as electricity, buses as electricity, and all traffic as electricity? Let's use the electric tools that will become common in advanc...



  • Ocean World (Vivaldi Park) Tour

    Ocean World ( Vivaldi Park ) + Shuttle bus



  • Chuncheon Ladies Tour

    A tour that is existing for the Ladies, will give you a reason to visit Chuncheon, as their culture and attractions will let you know why it is a must visit place in Korea! "Eat, ...



  • Chosun Picnic Day Tour - Korean Folk Village

    - Family Tour -Couple tour You will visit Hwaseong, a world cultural heritage and also traditional Nam-mun market. You can wear Korean traditional costume - hanbok! and take pic...



  • The snow-white field of buckwheat flower tour by G shuttle

    The Hyoseok Cultural Festival is a festival of nature and literature at Bongpyeong. It is the 2019 Excellence Festival that shares and enjoys the literary value of Lee Hyo-seok thr...

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  • 2019 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival

    2019 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival & Local market experiences!

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  • Hello Culture Andong

    Andong (안동시) is known as the center for cultural and folk tradition which has been handed down generation after generation. One of the most famous ancient festivities is the An...



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